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Here in the pacific northwest, there is beautiful terrain From trees to wetlands snowy mountains, and beautiful beaches. It is a wonderful place to explore and see wildlife, go camping, and last but not least enjoy the awesome OHV parks all over this wonderful state.

That being said mother nature is a very unpredictable and very temperamental force that could be sunny and great one minute and a blizzard the next. In this situation, you need to make sure you are prepared for any element.

There is a small list that can fit in a carrying bag or backpack that could save your life in a situation.

  • Waterproof Matches /Fire Starter.

  • Flashlight / Extra Batteries and Bulb.

  • First Aid Kit.

  • Extra food and water.

  • Signaling Device: Whistle or Mirror.

  • Map and Compass.

  • Emergency shelter: Tarp, Blanket, or Lg. Plastic Bag.

  • Extra Clothing.

This is a list of inexpensive items that can save your life.

these are fundamentals to have as a hiker or someone that likes the take an adventure in a 4x4, UTV, ATV ext.

Ending this article I would like to add a couple of important guidelines to follow:

  1. Never go alone.

  2. Make sure to let someone know what area you will be in.

  3. Always be prepared for any element.

  4. Stay on the path.

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